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Legislation / Legal:

In Marin County, every community has a Social Host Accountability Ordinance. While there are minor variations between jurisdictions, they all place the responsibility on the property owner or the person who has control of the property for gatherings in which alcohol is being consumed by minors.

Learn more about the specifics in the Twin Cities:

Some of the laws governing the under-age use of alcohol and examples of consequences can be foound in this Alcohol Posession Information Guide.


Community Partners:

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The PTSA at Redwood High School sponsors a Parent Education Series. Their Be the Influence program seeks to to improve the health, safety and well-being of their student community by reducing teen alcohol, marijuana and drug use.

The Marin office of the California Highway Patrol released statistics on the number of drug, alcohol, and impaired driving arrest and provisional license violations for the quarter ending June 30, 2012. For the 18 years and under group, the number of incidents half-way through 2012 is equal to all of 2011. [CHP Teen DUI Stats - 2Q 2012]


Local Coalitions:

The Novato Blue Ribbon Coalition for Youth is made up of community members partnering to take actions to keep Novato kids and families health and safe. Their focus is on (1) keeping alcohol & marijuana out of the hands of youth and (2) to prevent bullying.

Take a look at this NBRC4Y Presentation to get a description of the issues and how they are trying to address them.

The Youth Leader Institute and the Novato Blue Ribbon Coalition for Youth produced a video called Be the Change by Novato Friday Night Live. It focuses on the impact of underaged use of alcohol in the Novato community and the associated health issues for youth.


Other Resources:

The California Healthy Kids Survey is the largest statewide survey on resiliency, protective factors, and risk behaviors in the nation. Download the LEA Reports, which includes survey responses on alcohol and drug use and on tobacco use for Marin County by school district.

Under the Influence Article by Marin Magazine.

Alcohol Use by Youth and Adolescents – from the Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics

There are over 5,000 coalitions nationwide like the Twin Cities Coalition for Healthy Youth. Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) has been training local grassroots groups on assessing their local substance abuse-related problems and developing comprehensive comprehensive to address them.

Where’s The Party? a Book by Jonathan Scott & Kelly Townsend available through Amazon.

Talk. They Hear You webcast from the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA).